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Due to the recent influx of infants in town, I would like to let everyone know I am avaliable to answer questions and assist you should you need it.  Call me at any time, day or night.

Everybody else gets theirs easy but Ran and I have to do it the hard way.  Not. Fair.


As I know a few of you are aware, Sorahime's time ended last week, and with it came her headache. I would like to inform everyone that she is doing much better this year.

So much so in fact that I'm going to allow people to visit her for short periods of time until she is fully recovered.  If you'd like to check in on her, please let me know and I'll try and find a time when she's awake and Heiji isn't hovering as much for you to come.

Also, thank you for the clothing, Ayame-sensei.  They're coming in handy much sooner than I expected.

[Microphone clicks on, nervous breathing and shuffling can be heard in the background before Kurama speaks, voice sounding nervous and halting.]

I've... already informed Kid-mine of this, but... I think it's time to tell the rest of you.

[Here he pauses for several moments, almost as if he's afraid to say it.  Finally, when he does speak the first sentence comes out rushed and the second one at normal speed, as though he's glad he's got it out.]

I'm pregnant, and due in September.  That's why I've been stuck as a female so long.

[A swallow, as though he's taking a sip of water or other drink]

I'm... not really sure what else to say here, since it seems so short.  I just... thought it would be best to tell you all.

[Microphone clicks off.]

((OOC: Oh, by the way.  All replies will be voice replies. ^^;))


[Private, difficult to hack]

I told him.  And...

He won't leave me.  He wasn't mad.  He wasn't upset.

He didn't really have a reaction at all, actually.  Just wondered if it meant he couldn't sleep with me for awhile.  I guess it just isn't real for him yet.  Inari knows it's not all that real to me yet.

I'll tell the rest of the house in a week.



[Voice post, private, difficult but not impossible to hack]

[There is the sound of frantic pacing in front of the computer, Kurama muttering something in rapidfire Japanese, too fast for anyone to properly understand him.  Suddenly the pacing stops and a sharp inhale can be heard]

Come on, Yoko.  You can handle this.  It's not that big a deal, right?  Things are different this time around, they're safer and you're older and you know what you're doing this time around, right?

[There is another sharp inhale, followed by a single sobbing exhale] Inari I have no idea what I'm going to do.  Maybe I should skip town for a day, go talk to Koenma?  No, no he's a usless toddler.

[There is silence for a long moment.  Finally there is a deep inhale and sigh.] You can do this Yoko.  You'll be fine and you have to beleive that.

[/Voice post, /private, /difficult but not impossible to hack]

[Filtered to Kid, unhackable to others, text]

Kid-mine?  I... I think we need to talk.  Today.

[/Filtered to Kid]

Ah, Martha-sensei?  I was wondering if I could possibly schedual an appointment for some time next week?

093 (Voice post)

[There is the sound of heavy breathing, then a sharp inhale.  Kurama's voice sounds tired and somewhat disoriented]

Couldn't make it to class today.  Just... just couldn't.  Too dizy, vision wasn't clear.  It was a feat to get up and stay up long enough to make breakfast and see the others off.

[There is a small hiss, something like one would make when flinching]

The headaches aren't helping any either, but at least they're not migranes.  I... I don't think I'm going to class or work tomorrow.  Do forgive me, Monsieur Courland.

[A yawn, barely disguised, Kurama sounds near exhausted]

I'm going back to sleep now.  Good night, everyone...

[The click of him hanging up.]


It's good to be back at Mother's house.  We just got back from visiting the temple, so I'm quite tired.  And I seem to have come down with a headache that will not go away today.  I also seem to be sleeping more than usual.

Mother's already given us our otoshidama this year.  She even gave Kaito-mine one, saying that he was to take good care of me or she would find some way to punish him if he did not.  I'm glad she likes him, I was almost worried she wouldn't.

We plan on packing up and getting our luggage ready soon, then napping until Hatsuhinode.  After that we'll head to the airport and hopefuly be home sometime midday tomorrow.  It will be a relief to be myself again... and be free of these blasted bindings!  I would swear Kid-mine makes them too tight in the morning save for the fact that I am able to breathe easily and comfortably.

Oh, Kuwabara is coming back with us as well.  Seems he was intruged by the stories we told while we visited... and probably by the sugar plum that danced after me when we met on Christmas Eve.

I'm going to sleep now, get as much rest as I can before we head out to watch the sunrise.  Glad that the others are coming, even Kaito-mine's mother.  Kinga shinnen, everyone.

((OOC: Backdated to 11 AM Eastern Time on the thirty first, which is an hour after Japan had their New Year's.  Hatsuhinode is the first sunrise of the new year, and kinga shinnen means Happy New Year))


A belated Merry Christmas, everyone. I know I haven't really said much since we got to Japan, but Mother has been so happy to see us that she hasn't let us out of her sight until bed, and then I'm just too tired to check up on this.

I would like to thank everyone for their gifts. It has been a wonderful Christmas this year, one of the best I've had in a long time.

Private, hackableCollapse )

I hope everyone back home had a wonderful holiday as well.

((Okay, remaining gifts:

Kayura: A new pair of geta and tabi
Hiei: A silver dragon pendant, the eyes of the dragon made of carnelian
Kaito: The first three seasons of Criss Angel: Mindfreak

Also, according to Fruits Basket, an iei is a portrait of a decesed loved one. I'm willing to trust FB on this one, but it is the only time I've heard that word used. So I might be wrong. This is a spirit tablet.))


Thankfully I managed to deleiver all the Christmas gifts today, so I can spend tomorrow packing. Kid-mine suggested he disguise me for the trip. Hopefully that will be enough to fool Mother. It should be, since it is Kid-mine and Kaito-mine.

Tenshi-Fugen and I had a nice lunch today. We really should do that more often.


OOC: The gifts. See the tags at the bottom of the entry.Collapse )