The Silver Rose

Currently a Red Rose

Shuichi Minamino
21 June 1992
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((This is a character journal for the flamingoheights RP, therefore this is not meant to be serious))

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Name: Yoko Kurama
Alias: Shuichi Minamino, Kurama the Ravager, Kurama the Seducer, The Silver Rose, the Silver Thief, Kurama of the Black Rose of Mourning, among others
Age: Physical: 15 Calendar: 916
Birthday: (Human) June 21, 1992
Species: Youkai in human form
Gender: Varies, see below
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Occupation: Student, premiere thief of the Makai, vassal of Lord Sesshoumaru
Weapon of choice: Rose Whip
Main Technique: Rose Whiplash (Kagon Retsuzanshi)
Other known techniques and skills: Control of and speaking with plants
Transform: Kurama can switch between his human form (top) and his demon form mostly at will. Also can take a female form as he desires, three are currently known.
Series/Fandom: YuYu Hakusho